Celebrating Our Heritage

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Our affinity bar association has always treasured the personal relationships which arise among members.  We encourage referrals among members, attend seminars together, and, often, join in meals at meeting across the United States, in Canada and in Italy.  The essence of our association is joining women and men of the law in experiencing our common heritage.

Just five months ago, the NIABA 2019 legal seminar took place in Rome.  Our attendees enjoyed six presentations upon Italian law by attorneys resident in Milan, Rome and elsewhere.  Fantastic meals created enduring relationships among the international mix of attendees.  We enjoyed sites and personal tours that visitors to Italy rarely experience.  The President of the Bar Association of Rome welcomed us to the Corte Suprema di Cassazione, the highest court in the Republic of Italy. We were welcomed by the Bar of Naples and government leaders throughout.

In the professional lives of lawyers, litigators effortlessly adjust to delays of depositions and trials.  Transactional lawyers simply shift to another file when a lender delays a closing involving millions of dollars.

Rarely, though, do existential considerations erupt nor do mandates confine as we have experienced in recent days.

In North America we are entering a frightening period of uncertainty.  The spread of virus is a certainty.  The government response, necessarily at this early moment, is to stem or flatten the inexorable processing of those who suffer the virus through the available heath systems. Many race to find solution through medicine.  No doubt medicine will evolve to help in the future.  Our human bodies may even react to defeat infection in months or days to come.  The battle feels new and emerging.  North Americans are falling ill and dying.  For many, thus far, the impact is experienced most directly through the tightening grip of social and professional exchange. Some individuals initiated distancing at their choosing.  Far more are distancing as the pace of government mandate tightens.

We do, at this moment, recognize the rapidity of pace, depth of suffering and crushing toll this virus has exercised upon our brothers and sisters in Italy.  Many of those attorneys whom we met in Rome just months ago have reported upon their lives under this existential threat in Italy.  Each, though, has concluded every email or message with assurance that he or she will persist and that Italy will survive and, once again, flourish.

Our media partner, We The Italians, has kept us abreast of all that is happening through its variety of media.  Please see We The Italians at YouTube. Publisher, Umberto Mucci, talks to us all, as a friend and beloved supporter of NIABA.  You will truly feel the depth of the challenges before Italy.  His presentation in each daily update on YouTube is calm, clear and authoritative.

Please consider a donation directly to the Spallanzani Hospital, the most important Italian hospital for contagious diseases, to fight coronavirus. Please donate here https://www.gofundme.com/f/we-the-italians-against-coronavirus.  This donation opportunity is direct to the hospital from you. 

The Italian experience is precursor to what we are experiencing or may experience in North America.  The suffering of all in Italy is real to each of us.  Many of us have family, colleagues and friends in Italy.  Please reach out to them and assure that we support them in each step necessary to save lives and to move forward.

To our dear attorney friends and colleagues in Italy, we extend our sincere thoughts and prayers to you and your families, our willingness to help in any manner you suggest, and our confidence that you, as attorneys and leaders in Italy, will succeed in the recovery of your, and our, beloved Italy. 

Anticipating strengthened bonds among us through this shared experience, the future awaits us… women and men of our chosen profession sharing a common heritage.

With love and affection,

Francis M. Donnarumma



Special thanks to our event sponsors:


Death of Past President Joseph Sena, Jr.

Dear NIABA Family: 

It is with deep regret that I announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Attorney Joseph Sena, Jr. of White Plains, New York, due to complications arising from the virus.

Joe was the sixteenth (16) President of the National Italian American Bar Association, serving 2015-2017. He was a great orator for NIABA and spoke generously at various meetings of local Italian American, Justinian, and Columbian bar associations throughout the United States. He approved the first NIABA CLE program in Rome, Italy held in September 2015. 

Each meeting of the NIABA board of directors began with circulation of a list of books and readings recommended by Joe.  The board was enriched by the depth of his knowledge of all things Italian.  He shared generously his joy and enthusiasm for our heritage in law, philosophy, culture and science. 

Details will follow regarding the history of President Joseph Sena, Jr.  We extend our deep appreciation for the contributions of beauty, respect and joy which he brought to the law and all that he did. 

Blessings to his family and to his dear companion, Ya Pie, MD, a beloved friend of NIABA. 

May our brother, Joe Sena, rest in the peace and joy of eternal life. 

Francis Donnarumma



Our brother and sister attorneys in Italy have shared in the profound suffering and losses among their colleagues, clients and families throughout the Republic. The women and men of NIABA, in the United States of American and in Canada, stand in solidarity with these treasured friends.  We do so as we, here, enter a period of social distancing and shut down rarely seen. 

Our media partner, the publishing force We The Italians, has communicated the exquisite pace and depth of coronavirus upon our ancestral home.  The message of dear friend and publisher, Umberto Mucci, below, captures one avenue through which our members and associates may choose to help.  Please consider the following:

Dear Friends of NIABA,

We the Italians has started a fundraising campaign to help the Spallanzani Hospital, the most important Italian hospital for contagious diseases, to fight coronavirus. Please donate here https://www.gofundme.com/f/we-the-italians-against-coronavirus 

The General Director of Spallanzani Hospital, Marta Branca, thanks We the Italians and the Italian Americans who will donate. The funds raised will go directly to the hospital, which will use them for the most urgent needs related to the coronavirus crisis. They cure people from all over Italy. Here you can find their history https://www.inmi.it/istituzione/storia_dell_istituto.

The first donations have already kicked in. We ask to all those who have read and appreciated We the Italians in these years, and I, personally, ask all my friends from NIABA to donate: please help Italy now! It is fundamental to us. The Spallanzani hospital represents for us all the doctors, nurses, researchers who are working tirelessly to save as many lives as possible. Italian heroes who need us, who need you.

Let's show that the Italian American community of attorneys is responding to the request for help. No amount is too small, and none is too large. Please help the Italy that you love, that you want to visit again, where you have your heritage.

Please: donate, share the video and the link, post it on your sites and social media accounts

We the Italians has also started a daily video broadcast from Italy on lockdown, to better explain what is happening here in Italy. 

Here are the first eleven videos published on our YouTube channel, here.

 (link to videos - click here)

Two flags, One heart, now more than ever,

Many thanks from Umberto Mucci and all of us here at We the Italians.

Please consider the plea of our media partner and donate to the fundraiser.

Francis Donnarumma



Click here to visit We The Italians


Umberto Mucci, Founder and CEO




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May 14 - 17, 2020 Houston Texas Spring Board Meeting - CANCELED

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with deep regret that I announce that the Board of Directors meeting set for Houston, Texas on May 14-17, 2020, is hereby canceled. This determination is based upon a very broad consensus among board members that it is not prudent, safe, or logistically practical to continue with the meeting in light of present circumstances.

The ongoing health crisis in the country has led every sector of our society to retreat from public events. Travel has been made uncertain. With our varied and diverse board many of us fit the categories most at risk and all of us, certainly, bear the responsibility to our families, colleagues, and communities not to enlarge the risk of transmission. 

We will make an effort to schedule the spring board meeting at a reasonable date in the near future. Be sure that I will undertake an exchange among our board members to engage on issues of importance to NIABA while we await the resolution of this difficult moment. 

Wishing you all the best of safety and health. 

Fran M. Donnarumma




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