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    Our affinity bar association gathers women and men of our profession in celebration of Italian heritage in the law and beyond.  We share ideas, referrals, and many meals!


  • Our members are invited to be featured in WE THE ITALIANS, a premier Italian and American on-line publication.  Please forward your story, that of your firm, or that of your legal work to us at francis@donnarummalawfirm.com.  Our media partner, WE THE ITALIANS, is always eager to promote the good works of our members!  Over 80,000 people are reached through the publications of WE THE ITALIANS.  Let us share our many stories and achievements. 
  • The NIABA newsletter is a wonderful platform for publication of your scholarly works, expositions upon the law, and reporting on events in your region.  Please send your stories, at your earliest, to us at francis@donnarummalawfirm.com.  Our newsletter is exchanged among all of our members and beyond.  We would love to have your stories.
  • If not a member, yet, please do join.  You will be in our directory and share the opportunity of giving and receiving referrals from members across this country and from beyond.
  • We are working to engage regional and local Italian American Bar Associations throughout the United States.  Our recent seminar in Rome, September 2019, enlivened relationships with the Presidents of the Bar of Rome and the Bar of Naples.  We are working to enlarge our reach with other bar associations throughout Italy.
  • In recent weeks, we have enjoyed wonderful contact with Vincent Morfuni, President of the Australian Italian Lawyers Association.  I am confident we will expand our opportunities for exchange and referrals with our sisters and brothers in the law of Italian heritage in Australia.


Our board of directors will meet in Tampa, Florida on February 6 – 9, 2020.  The board has meetings on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  We share dinners on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.  Please look to the right and click on “Winter Meeting, Tampa, Florida”.  The schedule is there and you will be able to click on your meal reservations and pay for dinners right now. 


Our board meetings are a great opportunity to visit and meet with members from Italy, Canada, and the United States.  You are welcome to attend!


For further information, reach out to me or our administrative assistant, Cindy Martin, at cindylu616@comcast.net at any time. 

Fran Donnarumma,





            The National Italian American Bar Association meeting of its board of directors will take place in Tampa, Florida during the weekend of February 6-9, 2020.

            The premier event of the weekend will be a dinner at the legendary LÚnione Italiana in Ybor City neighborhood of Tampa on Friday February 7, 2020.  Cocktails will begin at 6:00 pm and dinner will follow at 7:00 pm.

            The assembled directors and members of NIABA will enjoy keynote remarks from Honorable Emiliano Jose (EJ) Salcines, a retired Judge of the Florida District Court of Appeal.  He served as a federal and state prosecuting attorney and upon the appellate bench for many years.

            Judge Salcines is so much part of the fabric of Tampa that his bronze statue is placed in front of the old Hillsborough County Court House downtown.  The Judge has a keen and thorough sense of the history of Tampa.  The assembled NIABA attendees will enjoy an unrivaled telling of that history through the eyes of an experienced attorney and jurist. 

            The dinner is open to the public and tickets can be purchased exclusively through NIABA.org.  Register now!

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Winter Meeting ~ Tampa Florida

February 6 - 9, 2019

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The National Italian American Bar Association is delighted to announce a media partnership with We The Italians, the considerable and influential on-line media and publication source for all things Italian-American.

NIABA President, Francis Donnarumma commented that publisher Umberto Mucci is widely recognized in both the United States of America and Italy as a positive influencer of relationship and exchange among the peoples of each nation.  Members of NIABA will be featured in We The Italians publications and have distribution access to thousands of readers for their substantive legal comment and content.

Umberto Mucci has a degree in Political Sciences International Address and an Advanced degree in Marketing and Communication.

He is the Founder and CEO of We the Italians. He represents in Italy the Italian American Museum of New York. He has been the co-director of “èItalia for USA”, a bimestral magazine regarding Italy in the US, and is Founder and has been Secretary General of Fondazione Roma Europea. He has been Head of International Relations of Innovarte for the exhibition “Italian Logos – Testimonies of the art to excel”, and Head of the Diplomatic section of the magazine “Romacapitale”. He has been guest lecturer at Accent, where he lectures about the Italian emigration in the US and about the actual Italian presence in the US to students from Michigan State University, University of Minnesota and Santa Barbara City College.

He published five books regarding the relation between Italy and the United States.

Publisher Mucci explains the complex media which is We the Italians, here.

We the Italians is a bridge over the Atlantic Ocean, which - starting from its name - links the good things we Italians have done and do, with the tribute to the exceptionality of the United States and the phrase that symbolizes their constitution: We the People.

Every time Italy joins forces with America, the result is winning.

Years of integration have proven that Italian genius with creativity and an aptitude for hard work finds an extraordinary and unparalleled additive in the meritocratic and business friendly environment of the United States. The epic of the Italians who landed on Ellis Island with their cardboard suitcases and are now at the top of every sector of American life, is irrefutable proof of this. The admiration and the winning consideration for Made in Italy that practically every American feels, whatever its origin, are still an exceptional opportunity, with incredible growth margins, given the old and consolidated relationship.

The American community of Italians of the new and recent emigration, the Americans of Italian origin heirs of those who left Italy, those who arrived after the Second World War, those who are still living witnesses of the diaspora at the turn of the last two centuries.

All those who belong to one of these categories have one thing in common, in addition to loving Italy and the United States, and it is that of not having had in the past a form of virtual aggregation, of online platform, that would allow them to know, implement, enrich, promote, expand, satisfy or share their passion and belonging to the two countries.

In America the admirers of Italy, lovers of the Bel Paese, are scattered in all the States, occupied in all the commercial and intellectual sectors, bearers of ideas and values that are fed by the continuous positive exchange between the two cultures. But there is a lot on offer, the opportunities are enormous, and when it is so the network needs someone to rationalize the information and make it easily accessible. This someone is We the Italians.

Our target, however, does not only include anyone who lives in the United States and is interested in Italy. Even those who live in Italy will find in our portal an unprecedented source of information on what happens in relations between the two countries, and in the community of our fellow citizens who live across the Atlantic. We are convinced that on a social and cultural level, telling what good comes from the mixture of American and Italian elements is also useful to promote, slowly but constantly, a cultural progress in the mentality of our public opinion. A small injection of confidence, a sign of esteem for our country from those who know and love it and look at it from outside, a small contribution that we will give, knowing that of the merits of the integration between cultural, social and economic Italian and American elements, here in Italy, nobody speaks. Moreover, obviously, anyone who is in Italy and has commercial interests of promotion and entry or further investigation of the American market, can understand that there is no other online tool of such scope, vision and dissemination, already today but even more in the future.

Three years after its launch, the We the Italians network consists of five tools. 

The We the Italians website already shows more than 50.000 contents concerning everything that unites Italy and the United States, on both sides of the ocean. It also contains the only existing online archive of over 1600 sites of those who represent, for noncommercial purposes, something Italian in America. Associations, groups, chambers of commerce, consulates, cultural institutes, festivals, mutual aid societies, Italian teaching departments, charitable initiatives, parishes, various types of promotion bodies: each one is inserted, geo-localized, and ready to be contacted in order to collaborate. Every day we promote 25 news, divided by geographical area, with thematic subcategories and a tagging system that allows anyone to easily find any keyword that is useful thanks to the internal search engine. It is the only aggregator about Italy in the United States, there is no competitor.  

There are the almost 200 interviews which every 15 days give voice to a personality who has a role and/or experience in some aspect of relations between the two countries.

There is a prestigious monthly online magazine, in English, about Italy, in which we talk about Italian excellences in about twenty columns.

The magazine is also sent in the monthly newsletter sent to more than 80,000 Italian recipients in the USA, including all the representatives of the archived sites, many of whom then forward it to their members: the newsletter also contains some newly inserted news, all geolocated by area of residence of each recipient.  

Finally, we have a vibrant social media community, made up of those who interact with us on the Facebook page, followers of our Twitter and Instagram accounts, members of our group on Linkedin and those who follow our channel on YouTube.”  

NIABA welcomes its media partner We The Italians

Click here to visit We The Italians


Umberto Mucci, Founder and CEO



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